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As a trend forecaster and educator, my freelance career is two-fold. During term time, I teach prospective fashion business professionals how to innovate and thrive in the fashion industry. Through lectures, seminars and tutorials, I seek to open students’ eyes to the world around them, showing them how to pinpoint trends, and to develop new ideas through creative thinking. I bring my expertise in trend forecasting to the fashion business environment, underpinning ideas for campaigns, events and new products with an understanding of how they link to current and future macro trends. 

In the meantime, I continue to build on my 10 years experience in trend forecasting with freelance projects that utilise my abilities to research, write and compile tailored trend forecasting reports for clients and agencies. Over the past three years, I’ve worked on macro trends, colour reports, retail and trade show reporting for interiors and visual merchandising, interviews with beauty industry experts, youth tribe fashion trends, consumer reports, the future of work, and many more. 

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Louise Stuart Trainor

Trend Forecasting | Consumer Insights | Sustainability