Some recent examples of articles and publications about trends, featuring quotes from me 


Is trend forecasting an art or science? by Eliza Wallace, Garage Magazine Issue 15

To her students, Trainor recommends they look at anything but fashion, which “could be reading a magazine in the dentist’s waiting room, watching half-time football analysis, listening to a podcast, or overhearing a conversation on a bus.” 

Five leading retail trends for SS18 by Izzy Cammareri, Ordre

“People are beginning to understand the value of the products that they have,” the trend consultant suggests. “They are seeing the opportunity in being able to buy something, keep it for a while and then to sell it on. This market is growing so rapidly and this also makes way for the opportunity for embracing sustainability.” 

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Stop trying to make Gen Z yellow happen, it's not gonna happen, by Jake Hall, Dazed Digital

According to trend forecaster and fashion lecturer Louise Stuart Trainor, the colour’s popularity lies in its various, maleable connotations – she argues it can be linked to the sun and “easy vibes” just as easily as it can be to depression and anxiety. According to Trainor, the colour’s various messages are contradictory and hard to put in a box: “yellow is a difficult colour to pin down, and so is Gen Z.”

How the trends you'll be wearing next season make it from runway to wardrobe by Hannah Ferrett,

“The reason fashion forecasting exists is because of the pace of fast fashion and also because consumers are extremely exposed to fashion in ways they weren’t in the past… They’re very aware of what’s going on with street style, what’s happening with trends, in other parts of the world and it’s very hard for brands to keep up with all of that and to be able to be ahead of a very fashion knowledgeable consumer.”